Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Not About Numbers

With our wedding date fast approaching, my fiancée and I are encountering a question I’m sure is all too familiar for many couples in our situation: How many kids do you think you’ll have?

We have friends who think anything over two or three is plain crazy; but then, members of my non-Catholic family have good-naturedly voiced their assumption that, as Catholics, we’ll have at least a dozen before we’re through. In a day where contraception is standard and even natural family planning is seen strictly in the light of its child-prohibitive qualities, the question is a natural one. All that’s left for us to do is choose a number we like, and the “how” is taken care of.

But this “it’s my life” mentality isn’t the extent of the problem. It’s not, in other words, only that some would have their own way and “keep God out of the bedroom.” The backlash is just as serious. There are some well-intentioned Catholics who would (and do) say, “I’m going to procreate with reckless abandon!” In response to those who would exclude the will of God for their lives from the awesome role as co-creators of human life, these folks have conversely thrown the whole weight of the burden back on His shoulders. The message is in effect, “Thanks for the offer, Almighty, but we’ll leave the creating up to You. We’ll just do our thing, and if something comes out, great!” This is not a solution. Whereas they are verbally answering the question of “How many kids do you want?” by saying, “As many as God wants us to have,” they are responding differently with their bodies, saying, “No comment.” “Reckless abandonment” is no answer at all.
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Corey said...

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Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

But, doesn't God have a part to play? Haven't we seen how the saints did the work and left the results up to God? Isn't this a basic thing? Shouldn't that be the case in these situations as well? Why not?

Catheriena said...

The arrogance of the human spirit on creation is staggering. Have you not yet comprehended that any action that thwarts God's ability to create is intrinsically contrary to his nature? "breeding Without abandonment" Is God's nature. Inherently the Holy Spirits stomping grounds. Feminine. Emotional. Encompassing. You don't want babies? Refrain from Sex. Since Marriage is explicitly a sexual institution; i would suggest not getting married if you're gonna put a number on how much God is gonna create from you. Just my 2 cents.